5 trendy colours for 2019

5 trendy colours for 2019. Together with Ultra Violet, named Pantone Color of the Year, we discover other shades such as the color Toast and Chili Oil.

violet 1

A variegated and very different chromatic scale, the one that appears next year as far as the furnishing colours are concerned. From the warmest and most full-bodied tones that definitely mark the return to neutral (if he ever left), with the color Toast and cream pink, we move on to pastel green, fresh and dusty, and the elegant and intense night blue. Four different, but very versatile shades, to be developed in all the rooms of the house, echoed by two colours that could be defined as hyper pop: Chili Oil, a hot red like chili pepper and Ultra Violet, Colour of the Year 2019 for Pantone.

Cream pink

The evolution of turtledove passes from the millennial pink, a shade of pink, beloved by millennia precisely, and that we find increasingly present in the home. It is precisely from this shade of pink that the most classic of neutrals lets itself be contaminated, giving an unusual hybrid, the cream pink, which refers to the warmth of wood and leather. Perfect ally of greys and browns, it can offer brightness and high aesthetic quality, above all, if combined with the range of lighter woods.


Product in the picture: Tonella Armchair

hygge 7

Toast colour

The popular hygge and lagom trends open up a soft and velvety chromatic range. Toast, a colour that takes its name from the beauty world where it is often used to identify a shade halfway between honey and caramel, is a delicate and welcoming shade of brown. A colour that becomes a “new neutral colour” perfect to complete various environments from the living room to the sleeping area.


Similar product: Tecno Sofa 


Pastel green

This shade of green, which is part of a trend of recent years that sees the color of nature as the absolute protagonist at home, is among the most suitable shades to enrich a new style that is becoming more and more popular and is known as “warm minimalism”. Free from the vitaminic shades of 2017, pastel green looks to the color celery and sage and is the perfect shade to develop a vintage-contemporary style inhabited by fifties pieces and furnishings in copper and gold metal.


Chili Oil (or red chili)

The name comes from the cup of oily sauce based on chili, the color is an intense mix of scarlet red and orange. A decisive, saturated and dynamic shade to be used to renew a slightly dusty ethnic style, to revolutionize the essentiality of passageways (such as stairs, entrances or hallways), but also the bold palette from which to create something truly new.


Suggested product: Verlaine Sofa 


Midnight Blue

A dark and vibrant blue shade, proposed in many collections of furnishing fabrics for 2019, but also present in fashion. At home, night blue can be the answer that was missing for darker shades of grey, but it can also be the chromatic solution for those who are looking for something that gives strength and character to an environment.


Ultra Violet

Halfway between orchid and lavender, this iridescent shade of violet is certainly the great revelation of next year. A vibrant color at the sight, perfect to enrich spaces with a particular cut, almost tailored, and to create the right contrasts. Celebrated by fashion, at home it can give strength to environments, completing them with sophisticated sensations.


Products in the picture: Digit 1 Rug   Digit 2 Rug 


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