Colours and patterns of fabric

Easy guide to match colors and patterns of fabrics in your living room.

No more white, tone on tone or neutral coloured sofas, rugs and curtains!! Here 5 colourful and courageous ideas that will suit your needs!




The seasons change and you feel the desire to give a touch of novelty and lightness to the house, perhaps by acting on the fabrics and trying combinations of colors and patterns more vibrant and brave than usual. We offer you 5 kaleidoscopic and richly decorated solutions, playful but not extravagant, to learn how to best match colors and patterns with some advice to try them out without fail. Some rules and some ideas to copy so as not to make mistakes.




Green stains burst onto the optical:

In a living room dominated by shades of grey, with a carpet that plays with an essential optical effect, the floral fantasy armchairs with discreet but evident touches of green gently shoot and give a summery and fresh touch to the living room, which otherwise would perhaps be too neutral. If grey is the dominant colour, let’s try to insert a note of bright colour, just like this lawn green.




The cherry captures and guides the eye:

Here the combination is twofold because it exploits both the effect of the colour – an intense cherry – and that of the floral pattern. Unlike the previous example, in which the base is grey, in this case the look is captured by the large solid-coloured sofa and by the armchair, in the same colour, but declined in flowers.




A ray of sunshine plays down the black:

Would you ever have thought of combining fuchsia, orange and black in your living room? Well, this image shows us that it’s not a risky choice and that, on the contrary, it can work. And if you’re still not satisfied, you can add a touch of blue – like the chandelier. The chair and the cushions support the approach with black precisely because they are of intense colors, the result would certainly be less interesting, for example, with a pastel shade.




Shades of blue: from floreal patterns to stripes.

Now let’s move on to the combination of different decorative motifs, an option that often frightens us and that we see here in a prudent solution but with a dynamic effect. The trick is to choose a dominant color and decline it in various shades. In this case it is a summer classic: blue – combined with white which is an agile passepartout – and which we see taking various forms in peaceful dialogue with each other.





The game of references between flowers and colors:

In these living rooms that speak of summer, the tapestries adopt the colors of pink and red. They are decisive and lively but do not clash with the other decorative elements of the living room. If we are careful, in fact, we will notice a wise game of references that is the secret of the success of this mix. On the sofas, the cushions reflect the patterns and colours of the curtains, walls and armchairs.








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