Halloween home decor

Halloween home decor. Some original ideas for decorating your home on Halloween.




Halloween, celebrated in Anglo-Saxon countries and in the United States, has its origins in Celtic culture. Already in ancient Rome there was the custom of a feast with which the dead of the family were celebrated. The recurrence of All Saints’ Day appears in many popular cultures. According to South American tradition, this magical night is a gateway: the dead can return to their homes until dawn. That’s why the table was once laid and the houses decorated, ready to welcome worthily the souls of the people we loved. The light, symbol of the fight against winter, illuminates the darkness with lanterns to be left on the windowsills and along the paths of the entrance. Symbol of this period is the pumpkin that, with its bright colors, welcomes the autumn, a time when the desire to stay warm, organize dinners with friends and decorate the house with cheerful decorations returns.




Halloween is approaching and we must think of everything you need for a perfect evening perhaps to spend at home with our closest friends. We must think of the dinner menu of October 31, with many delicious and macabre recipes, among which can not miss the pumpkin as an ingredient. We must think of sweets and candies to be prepared for children who do trick or treat. And also costumes, makeup, hairstyles, soundtracks … And Halloween decorations for the home who thought of it?




If we have a fireplace in the house, in the convivial area of the living room dedicated to chatting with friends, it will be easier to decorate our home to celebrate the best Halloween celebrations: a few lit candles and maybe a carved pumpkin, to respect the tradition of Jack’O Lantern, and that’s would be great!






The frames of the house can be transformed into a terrifying corner, with chilling photos perhaps of fake relatives far from the macabre aspect: zombies, skulls, skeletons and more can be the protagonists of the paintings that we will hang on the walls or above the fireplace.





Obviously we can not miss garlands, skulls around the house, macabre decorations, but not trivial, as we can see in our image gallery, which offers us some ideas for decorating home for Halloween: as you can see it is not the usual decorations, but something more original and, if possible, even more sought after! There are various types of Halloween decorations, the difference is not only in the technique or the material used, but also the effect you want to achieve. Do you want a frightening house, on the false line of a real bewitched house, or do you prefer decorations that play on the contrast of black, purple and orange, the three key colors of Halloween, for decorations scary but chic? Both paths are viable and the choice of one of the two must necessarily guide the processing and creation of our Halloween decorations.




The decorations can be invented by us specifically for Halloween, perhaps taking inspiration from the classic symbols of the feast of thrills such as skulls, pumpkins, bats, spiders and cobwebs. Alternatively it is possible and very simple to rely on Halloween tutorials that explain the process and indicate us, in addition to instructions, also the necessary material. Surely one of the most used materials for Halloween decorations is cardboard, because cutting, coloring and gluing is really within everyone’s reach. However, if you are particularly skilled with DIY, you can also use crochet or other more elaborate techniques. The important thing is that the room where you organize the party is properly decorated, from the walls to the windows the Halloween decorations must give a scary tone to the whole environment.




And you, how are you going to celebrate Halloween this year?!


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