8 reasons to use grey in the bedroom.

Grey is anything but obvious and sad; it is a very elegant and refined colour to furnish the bedroom.




Grey is one of the most versatile of the colours used to complete and furnish the home. Once considered more a “non-color” than a real color, today it brushes with refinement the contemporary homes giving balanced spaces and undisputed aesthetic quality. With the same elegance with which it has long embellished living rooms and bedrooms, grey also dresses simple but extremely refined kitchen environments and, in recent years, we find it the protagonist even within the night environments, with truly appreciable results. If you want to revolutionize your bedroom peacefully and with balance, but you still have some doubts about the gray, here are 8 reasons to choose it.



For those who like to play with shades

Grey is the most suitable color to create layers of shades and developments of color scales in nuances. From the very clear pearl to the intense graphite – an almost black grey – it lends itself to interesting developments that in the bedroom can involve everything: from surfaces, walls and floors, to furnishings, passing through the complements (carpets, curtains…) and without forgetting the textile elements of the bed.
Sheets, blankets, plaids, quilts and cushions can be very elegant if chosen with different materials and with different shades of gray, both plain and patterned.



For small bedrooms

In the lightest and softest shade of pearl grey, it is suitable for designing and furnishing small and not particularly bright bedrooms. Delicate, but still intense, less obvious than white, this color will create interesting solutions with a defined identity and well built and, given the light shade, will give the space the right dose of light.




To create a relaxing environment

In the various shades of grey, it is well suited to creating relaxing and serene sleeping areas. Chromotherapy, indeed, considers this color as a natural amulet to ward off anxiety and emotional tension. One more reason to choose it as a guide colour for bedrooms, both for adults and children.



For those looking for a low-cost solution

Elegant by definition, grey, in its darkest shades, can become an economic solution to the lack of a real headboard of the bed. Chosen in a medium dense colour, such as iron or anthracite, it can change the face of an entire room and frame the bed pleasantly and elegantly.



To highlight the design

Guide color par excellence of a sober and minimalist style, even in the bedroom, the gray is indicated to bring out a piece of furniture, a headboard or a bed with a particular design. Calibrated and free of excesses, this colour lends itself to emphasizing the clean and dry lines of certain beds and to making interesting the stylistic play of materials and finishes that can be created.



To interrupt the monotony of white

Composed in the same environment with one or more gradations, it can also be an excellent solution to interrupt the monotony of white without introducing excessive chromaticity. As in this solution in which a double shade of gray gives the walls a new pictorial game all realized within the scale of the softest grays.

Idee Per Le Pareti Della Camera Da Letto Foto 438 Design Mag dentro Camera Da Letto Bianca E Grigia


To bring out one (or more) bright tones

If, on the contrary, you want to play with brighter colours, grey can be the best colour basis for experimenting with strong shades, such as blue in this case, or daring mixes of patterns and colours. The advice is to focus, for the base, on a dark shade of gray, in this way you will create a compact and decisive background that will bring out the best colors and materials chosen. As in this solution in which the walls of an intense anthracite gray are perfect to accommodate the gold and warm wood color of furniture and furnishings.




To enhance the value of surfaces

Finally, grey can be an interesting choice for highlighting surfaces. A particularly beautiful and/or precious floor or a wall with unique characteristics can, indeed, find in the balance of this colour the most balanced and gentle contrast.






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