5 Color Combinations that Enhance Relaxation in the Bedroom

5 Color Combinations that Enhance Relaxation in the Bedroom. Discover the most effective colour combinations.


The bedroom, the most important room of the house because, precisely, reserved for rest, requires special attention when choosing the colors with which to furnish it. Pink, blue, white, grey… each shade produces different sensations, so we must apply them properly to obtain the desired effect: sleeping and resting well. So let yourself be inspired by these 5 proposals.

1 Grey – White – Green

An always elegant colour combination includes any range of grey combined with white and light green. This colour combination transforms the bedroom into a calm and cosy environment, as the coolness of the greys is compensated for by the sobriety and elegance of the green and white. If you like the combination, apply this colour in some details, in an environment where different shades of grey furnish a bedroom full of contemporary colours. White furniture with strong lines, as in this room, will help you to create a relaxed atmosphere and ideal for resting.


Product in the picture: Basket Bed

2 Moka – Beige – Natural Wood

Also for the bedroom, the different tones of the moka color are the most common. We see them in this environment in the bedframe fabrics combined with the beige and the natural wood of the accessories. The result is a classic inspired look, very warm and welcoming. This basic coordinate will allow you to add small colour and printed details that will bring decorative richness to the bedroom.


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3 Pink – Marsala Red – Deep Blue

To create a feminine atmosphere, a pink wall used as a common thread together with shades of deep blue and red Marsala will transform the bedroom into a very cheerful and bright space. We recommend using white sheets that will give the room a touch of freshness. On the other hand, it is a very versatile option with an infinite number of alternative combinations, to combine colorful furniture such as a chair covered in yellow fabric or a lamp or a table.

miniforms shiko magnum

Product in the picture: Shiko Magnum Bed

4 Black – Red – White

Elegant and totally timeless, a bedroom with a combination of black, red and white colours is winning. We recommend to use different elements to bring more dynamism to the space, for example fabrics, mirrors, furniture with a matt or shiny effect, carpets in fake fur, accessories in order to bring out some areas and giving a very chic look to your bedroom.


Product in the picture: Colpo di Fulmine Bed

5 Natural Wood – White – Orange

One of the most common colour combinations for the bedroom is white and natural wood. These two colours, mixed with orange, will give a touch of liveliness and modernity to the environment. Thanks to this combination of colours it is possible to mix the styles, combining, for example, the rustic style with the modern style. This is another very versatile proposal: if you mix it with contemporary furniture you will give the bedroom a very contemporary look, but if you use rustic cut elements, the same combination will perfectly shape itself, offering a totally different effect.


Product in the picture: Nap Bed

And you? Which of these combinations would you use to furnish your bedroom? If you liked our article “5 Color Combinations that Enhance Relaxation in the Bedroom” have also a look at 8 Reasons to Use Grey in the Bedroom

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