Hygge Home Office Space

Hygge home office space. How to create the perfect hygge office at home.


Create a coworking space, a meeting point between work and free time.

The need to devote a space in the house to a studio is becoming larger and larger every day. The number of people working from home, whether it’s just at the weekend or throughout the week, is increasing, so also the need to create flexible and versatile spaces without compromising the welcome and comfort of the house.


Get the look: Aleta Chair

The ideal style to combine together the home and office space is undoubtedly the Scandinavian one. Minimalist, bright, elegant and essential, the Scandinavian style and in particular the Scandinavian hygge style manages to blend together the two so different environments. Here are some examples:

Dining room/Meeting room

Thanks to companies that create more and more furniture adaptable to various environments, it is possible to convert your dining room into a meeting room, thanks to the use of a long rectangular table, a modern lacquered cupboard and comfortable, upholstered design chairs.



Get the look: Season Chair

Living room/Waiting room

Do you need to create a small waiting room for your customers but also for some friends who came to see you without notice? No problem! Why bother and worry that your home does not give the idea of a professional environment?!
We recommend choosing the most minimal furniture possible: some very comfortable design armchairs and a low round wooden table; or a simple sofa with modern shapes, an armchair and a rectangular rug. Nothing more!


Get the look: Nagi Armchair


Get the look: Levitt Sofa

Home Studio/Office

The right home office furniture can help you create a comfy and productive environment. Hyper-modern desks and colourful, upholstered chairs with original shapes can create a very professional workspace without losing the feeling of warmth typical of a private home.


Get the look: Maarten Table


Get the look: Trestle Table

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