5 Different Style Solutions for a Hygge Living Room

5 Different Style Solutions for a Hygge Living Room. Do you want to furnish your living room with a touch of hygge style? Here are 5 solutions to be inspired by.


Sofa, coffee table, rug, bookcase, shelves… these are the main elements that we usually evaluate when we have to furnish the living room. There are many factors to consider, in addition to space, also the structural characteristics of the apartment and the building, so as to decide whether to opt for a style in tune with or in contrast with them. The hygge style, which gives life to very welcoming and comfortable environments, can also be obtained by mixing various styles together so that the space is warm but not too classic, modern or even obvious.


Here is our ranking of the 5 best solutions to furnish a living room with a touch of hygge style.

1 Mixing materials and colours.

To furnish the living room of a house with a common and somewhat anonymous structure, lightening the sobriety of modernity a bit, you can focus everything on color, on the shapes of the furnishings and on the materials, creating a “non-style style” (or almost): from the floor to the walls, passing through the sofa with its original and unusual shape, to the padded poufs used as small stools, to the pink central table on which to place anything. The numerous coloured cushions almost create a jungle effect and a living room suitable for everyone.

Ideal furniture: Party Sofa



2 Pure minimalism.

The hygge style contemplates the essential, the simplicity and that in the picture is a perfect example of the minimal style with a touch of hygge atmosphere.
Large glass doors from which to admire the garden, a small round table and a sofa in a delicate colour, these are the only elements used to furnish this exclusive but welcoming living room.

Ideal furniture: La Isla Sofa



3 Industrial style

The industrial style – typical of lofts with exposed brick walls and glass walls with large metal windows – is enhanced by furnishings with very light or colorful finishes that give a Scandinavian touch to the environment. Lacquered wooden furniture in bright colors, a modern fireplace with oxidized metal finish, natural exposed wood and white walls that lighten the visual impact of the furniture, that seem to float in the space.

Ideal furniture: Talo Armchair



4 Shabby Chic

When the rustic style typical of country houses becomes more unkempt, and the lines become less sophisticated but at the same time very chic, to furnish the ideal shabby chic living room with a touch of hygge style, can not miss wraparound armchairs covered with soft fabric, a shabby finish stool ruined by the passing of time, a bookcase made of cardboard and lots of books with which to spend wonderful evenings.

Ideal furniture: Folk Armchair



5 A fusion of ancient and modern.

Large vaults, antique columns, a living room full of history combined with ultra-modern furnishings: two coloured armchairs with high backrests, a low lacquered wood cabinet, some paintings on the windowsill and all of this leaning against a new light wooden floor.

Ideal furniture: Hera Armchair



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