Hygge Party

Hygge Party. The best tips to create the ideal party environment! Let’s get the PARTY STARTED!!


Don’t you know how to create the ideal a Hygge party? At first you have to focus on three keywords: cozy, comfort and imperfection. Why “cozy”? Because the Danish word and concept HYGGE often translate a sort of coziness; a warm and welcoming “little” space to share with your best friends and your family.



Get the look: Kala Rug

Why “comfort”? Because Hygge philosophy translates the life enjoyment, the harmony with ourselves and earth; so we have and we need to feel comfortable. Let’s choose enveloping and comfortable sofas, armchairs, decorating the environment with soft pillows and warm blankets to make your friends feel at home!



Get the look: Party Sofa

Why “imperfection”? Because “imperfection” takes part of life and we don’t need to be stressed out by perfection, fancy food, luxury and super tidy home. Let’s just be ourselves and we’ll be happy!


Get the look: Pixie Table


Then you need to focus on the choice of food and drinks. The best solution? Healthy food such as simple vegetarian or vegan recipes. For what concerns drinks, everyone should feel at ease, so soft drinks such as water, tea, herbal teas and a bottle of good wine are recommended.

Finally, you have to decide how best to decorate the environment. We recommend decorating your living room with delicately scented candles, comfortable poufs on which to sit or lie down (especially if there are children), small pots with greasy plants and provide comfortable socks in wool to allow guests to walk without shoes.



Get the look: Chat Pouf

To make the evening as Hygge as possible we recommend choosing a good movie to enjoy all together sitting on the couch or a nice board game.
Have fun!

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