The British Style

How to give a touch of British style to your home? Let’s discover it together!


British style is synonymous with elegance, durability, reliability and quality. English houses are usually cosy, warm and full of life thanks to the use of intense colours and precious materials such as solid wood, velvet or leather.


Get the look:  Love Seat Bench

Decorations are never obvious or ordinary. Color combinations are never inappropriate and do not affect the visual impact.


Get the look:  Studio Couch

The British style involves also the meticulous organization of spaces (everything has a purpose), order, but also contamination of different styles so as not to fall into monotony.


Get the look:  Butterfly Chair

Although white is a colour used mainly in the minimal style, it is very popular with the English for example in the decoration of a dining room/kitchen or to give light to small rooms that do not enjoy good natural light.


Get the look:  Plank Table


The predominant material for British style furniture is wood, mainly solid wood, which can be chosen in natural finish or lacquered in various colors matching, in this way with all other furniture.


Get the look:  All Purpose Chair


Get the look:  Windsor Chair

Let’s not forget the famous English wallpaper to insert in every room. Colorful, elegant and very snobbish. This is a must have for all those who want to give a touch of British style to their home.

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