My Hygge Home in Mykonos

My hygge home in Mykonos. A holiday home on the most famous island of the Aegean.


For many people, Mykonos is synonymous of unbridled fun, loud music and dancing on the tables, perhaps among a lot of famous celebrities contended by the mundane chronicles. But the real connoisseurs of the island know that behind this extravagant and transgressive aspect lies a sophisticated and surprisingly quiet reality and that is why I chose to rent a holiday home on this wonderful island.


Outside the picturesque and popular Chora lies an arid and mountainous landscape, light years away from the chaotic flow of nightlife. And it is here that I saw the house of my dreams: a perfect mix of tradition and contemporary style, but a bit devoid of warmth and not very welcoming. Being a lover of the hygge style I revolutionized the furniture by choosing colored wooden furniture and design accessories, such as colorful but not too flashy carpets and cushions.


You enter directly into the living area characterized by a small open kitchen and a modern dining table with four beautiful blu chairs around it. The living room also serves as a sorting room. From here you can access the bedrooms, each served by its own bathroom. The essential furniture is a mixture of pieces with a particular design, such as the comfortable sofa a wooden cupboard and a little blue coffee table.


Get the look:  Silla40 Chair  Pion Table


Get the look: Deep Sofa Tortuga Side Table

I couldn’t resist! Although it seems crazy in the bedroom I inserted a small fake fireplace so as to create the typical hygge room! Floor, bed and a small bedside table in light wood and two-tone walls so as to turn off the blinding natural light that comes through the window.


Get a similar look:  Teramo Bed

But the real masterpiece is the outdoor space around the house: a barren garden with a breathtaking view. It is here that most of the day takes place, starting in the morning with a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit and yogurt to be consumed around a old wooden table. A perfect match, try it to believe!!


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