Furnishing with Wood

Furnishing with wood for a 100% hygge home!


There are many good reasons to choose to furnish your home with wood, among them its uniqueness, its warmth, its vintage and never ordinary character.


Wood is a living material, it breathes and ages like us. It can be shaped, full of imperfections it changes shades according to the sun exposure.


Each piece of wood is unique and unrepeatable and, in fact, there is no other material in the world that can adapt so well to human needs. The wood is elastic, shock resistant and can withstand traction, compression and bending.


It also has a low specific weight and is hypoallergenic and breathable. It absorbs excessive humidity in the air and releases it when the environment is too dry, thus preventing the formation of mould and improving air quality.


Warm material, it consists of a cellular structure that allows it to preserve and release heat, also becoming an excellent thermal insulator. In northern European countries it is widely used for these important features.


Elegant, functional and versatile, wood is recyclable and eco-friendly. A domestic symbol of family and convivial life, it is an essential element of hygge design, born in Denmark and increasingly popular throughout the world.


Are you a wooden furniture lover like me?! If yes, have a look at these lovely, hygge wooden products that would be great for the decoration of your beautiful home: Ercol


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