Autumn Winter Furnishing Trends

6 design trends that we will hear a lot about in the coming months. Let’s take note!


Lagom Lagom

Lagom Lagom is a Swedish word for a real lifestyle, based on moderation and living well avoiding excesses. It translates into interiors with a typical Nordic taste in which the aim is not to surprise but to welcome. Black and white and extreme minimalism are replaced by natural materials and warm colours, fabrics and plants. A lagom house is a house where everything is in the right place, where the right compromise has been found between too much and too little.


Get the look:  Textile Folding doors


The name of this new trend speaks clearly, it is precisely the fusion of the Scandinavian style with the Japanese. Two cultures that are geographically very distant but have a lot in common, starting with minimalist aesthetics and the intrinsic bond with nature. And that’s not all: the Japanese style brings with it the Japanese aesthetic called wabi-sabi, described as “imperfect, impermanent and incomplete beauty”. It translates into the field of interior and décor in a few pieces but of artisanal quality, in natural and imperfect materials, in layers and textures.


Coloured walls

White walls are increasingly being replaced by coloured walls: they give depth to spaces and decorate with lightness. The grey preferred by Scandinavians is not a cold colour, but a warm shade with a hint of beige so as to become a perfect neutral background colour. Coloured walls therefore: both with grey, but also with other desaturated shades ranging from green, to blue, to earthy colours.


Textile folding doors

The textile door is a furnishing accessory capable of extending, delimiting or shielding the interior spaces according to the desired configuration. It has now been cleared through customs in the world of design and décor and has become one of the preferred decorative motifs to be used for the furnishing of modern environments.


The office at home

Making a virtue out of necessity: are houses getting smaller and smaller? But for various reasons we are forced to create space for a small office in the house? Well, it’s possible to find ingenious solutions to make it beautiful and welcoming. The world of the web is increasingly full of inspirations and projects on the theme of “home office”, with spaces designed to measure to exploit every inch of available space. Here some ideas.



Secret corners

One of the new trends for this season will be to create a secret corner, a hidden corner, a small shelter in the house.
Whether it’s a studio, a small kitchen or a walk-in closet, there are many ideas for creating a small intimate environment away from prying eyes.


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