Decorating with Ochre Color

Ochre colour, ideal for a radiant home and enveloping environments.


Ochre is a very special colour, elegant and exclusive, warm and welcoming, able to embellish an environment thanks to its brightness. Between golden yellow and very light brown, reminiscent of the colours of the earth, this colour has ancient origins and still today continues to fascinate.


Thanks to its golden shades, the ochre colour lends itself to luxurious environments and refined materials such as velvet, for example. It is recommended to combine it with metal surfaces for an even more exclusive effect.


Also perfect when combined with very dark colours, such as black, anthracite grey or brown; the visual impact will be amazing!


Sometimes the environments of more daily and frequent use, such as the living room, can lose appeal and liveliness. Ochre is an excellent colour to give new intensity to the room.


Ochre being an enveloping and elegant colour, it is also ideal for bedroom decoration. Have you ever thought of opting for a very comfortable yellow ochre bed?! Why not?!


There is no better way to add light to a room than an ochre-coloured wall, which will elegantly add a touch of pure class to the space.


The vitality of ochre also makes it suitable to bring light through small details in the decor. From cushions to flower vases to coffee tables, it can bring sunshine to your home.


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  1. This is a great article and you are banged on with your points about decorating with ochre color. Be clear about what you really need and want to accomplish at this point- you are right with this point.


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