Hygge Workplace

How to create a hygge workplace aimed at maximum comfort for the well-being of employees.


The new concepts to be applied for well-being and sharing revolve around the themes of green light, flexibility and teamwork and aim at maximum comfort for the well-being of employees.


The psychophysical well-being of people is placed at the centre of the project of a space that stimulates sharing, dynamism and group activities.


Numerous and of different sizes are therefore the meeting rooms, also flanked by a large conference room and numerous in-between areas for informal meetings: comfortable lounges, lounge areas and a bar counter for the coffee area.


The interiors should be designed to be as flexible as possible: to divide the spaces and it is advisable to use textile or glass walls.



The layout consists of a mix of closed offices and open space areas where the workstations can be surrounded along the perimeter by short meeting stations equipped with a table, chairs and stools integrating, for example, plants or flower pots.



Another “natural” feature common to all the rooms is the presence of the warm tones of wood: in the flooring, on some desk tops and for the wall containers, different essences have been used, all able to offer pleasant sensations. And after all, being able to give positive emotions is one of the main objectives for a working environment.



Making the company catering area comfortable and welcoming is very important as a place of conviviality and relaxation. The use of a micro-perforated false ceiling and hanging sound absorbing panels can also guarantee an excellent level of acoustic comfort even when the restaurant is crowded.



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