Relaxing at Home

Relaxing at home: some simples ideas to relax and enjoy home.


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When we return home, after a day of work, there are many commitments that await us: children, clothes, tidiness, cleaning, perhaps looking after a pet. Even if we love all these things, if we do not act to protect ourselves, they can cause us stress and damage our physical and emotional health.


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During the day we load our body and mind with tension, which we must avoid by working on our relaxation. Being calm and light is the essence of life itself.

Indeed being calm, with a relaxed mind:
-helps us to be healthy.
-we can do more in our daily work, we are more efficient.
-we find inspiration, we are more creative.
-we improve our memory and brain function.
-we find tasks fun and creative.


First create a relaxing environment; an environment in harmony with your personality and taste. Do not use too dark colours that would make the house too “heavy” and “overwhelming”; let’s opt for neutral and/or bright colours that can fill the space with joy.


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Choose extremely comfortable and enveloping furniture, such as armchairs and sofas, so you can sink in and maybe take a nap. Cover the furniture in soft and warm fabric with delicate colours such as silk grey, cream or pastel colours.


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With stress we can unconsciously contract the muscles, this produces tension and with nervousness sometimes comes muscle pain. It is recommended to find a way to relax, to find a way to feel lighter. A hot bath with a little salt or essential oils and then, we enjoyed a happy break to move the next day, already with new energy.


The infusions soothe, relax and heal. We can make a mint infusion to help us relax.
Valerian tea is recommended for those who suffer from stress. Lettuce infusion helps you sleep, to enrich it, we can add grated ginger. Tila or lime. for people who have insomnia. It is digestive, sedative, soothing.


Let’s relax with yoga. To empty your mind and harden your body there is nothing better than meditation and yoga. This discipline allows you to stop thinking about problems, worries, and focus your mind on yourself, your value and your potential.


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