Eco Friendly Furniture

Saving the planet thanks to eco friendly furniture.


Eco-sustainability is at the centre of research and corporate strategies: experimentation pushes towards components of vegetable origin, or, if this is not possible, recycling and recovery activities become almost a must in order to do something for the environment.


The life of plastic in the furniture sector at the time of the circular economy is above all a path devoted to recovery and reuse. With a few episodes in the world of bioplastics, materials derived not from fossils but from plants. We are living in a historical moment in which plastic seems to be the number one enemy, or at least a fault to be transformed and overturned; for this reason many furniture manufacturers have started, some for a long time, to make their products with recycled materials. One example is the Green’s ecological chair by Sitland: the first multi-use and comfortable 100% recyclable chair in the field of technical public seats, waiting rooms and common spaces. 100% recyclable, this modern chair represents the new aware approach to the issue of environmental impact.


More info about :  Green’s

For many years the manufacturer Emeco has been producing the famous 111 Navy chairs using Coca Cola bottles and cans finished in the garbage. Emeco and Coca Cola have been working together for many years to make people aware of recycling.


More info about:  111 Navy

Ercol, a historic English company, always preserves the long tradition of woodworking. Their furniture is entirely made of wood: from chairs to tables, from sofas to beds.



More info about:  Ercol

Instead, the N02 chair shell, designed by Nendo for the Danish brand Fritz Hansen, is made of recycled polypropylene. As Oki Sato of the Japanese studio explains, it emphasizes circularity: “The origin of the material, or rather the fact that it is generated from plastic bottles and containers used daily in the home, is a connecting element between the chair and its user”.


These are the companies that have inspired us most for their commitment to the environment. Without renouncing to design and comfort, it is possible to create iconic and functional products, but above all ecological!

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