Grey and its Shades

Grey and its shades: how to add a touch of class to your living room.


Grey is the neutral colour par excellence and comes from the fusion of black and white: for this reason it is complementary to itself.


Grey is an ancient term derived from the Germanic “grau”. If for us, it often evokes a negative dimension in the past it was not so. At the end of the Middle Ages it was considered the opposite of black, so it symbolized hope and happiness. Applying this colour and all its shades to the furniture means creating an intimate, discreet and incredibly elegant environment.


In fact, grey is an extremely versatile and customizable color, which is why it is highly appreciated for interior design. Too often associated with seriousness, grey can actually amaze and reveal different personalities, if used in the right way.


Since grey is a “serious” colour, with which you can even paint the walls creating a super modern living room that reminds a bit of the Scandinavian style, it is advisable to choose very casual and minimalist furniture.


Let’s choose essential furnishing accessories, simple but never trivial, neutral but with a strong character that do not interfere with the harmony created by this relaxing and calm colour.


From pearl grey and silk to anthracite grey… all its shades will allow you to decorate your stay in an informal way creating an environment suitable for the whole family. Interesting combinations can be created by combining anthracite grey with beige, cream and the warm finishes of raw wood.


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