How to Furnish a Loft

Tips and trends to decorate spaces in hygge style.


Furnishing a loft can be fun but also complicated: there is a lot to do to make the environment cosy. Here are some interesting ideas and tips.


Get the look:  Lounge chair

A loft was born, historically, as a recovery for residential purposes of rooms designed for other functions, typically commercial or industrial. For this reason furnishing it is a challenge and also a fun: you have to imagine an apartment where maybe there was a warehouse, with few supporting structures, walls and partitions. So it’s important to play well with the available elements, to heat the environment following one’s own tastes and maybe some fashionable suggestions.


Get the look:  111 Navy chair

As far as style is concerned, minimalist and modern furniture is always the best. In any case, since it is always a living space, it is important that it always reflects our personality; therefore, strategically arrange objects, memories, souvenirs throughout the house, so that the furniture tells your story.


Plants: in addition to giving a touch of color and liveliness, they help to define the space in a warmer way, as well as the use of carpets and furnishing accessories such as cushions, curtains, etc. …



Another key element is light. Natural light is the trend of the moment, the more you can get from glass walls and windows the better is. It is also useful to strategically position, perhaps at different heights, lamps and chandeliers so as to ensure adequate light coverage of the loft.



Finally, let’s talk about colors: a set of basic colors on which to rely for furniture elements, playing on their associations and contrasts. A loft is a unitary space, it is important that there is always a chromatic coherence.



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