Hygge Reading Corners

Hygge reading corners: Small and personal, luxurious or minimal, the important thing is that it is cosy.


Reading is a refuge in which we take refuge to find ourselves, especially in these difficult times. But those who read, after all, are never alone and do not know loneliness. To open a book is to open a window on worlds near and far, it is to let the light of another life into us.


The ideal would be to dedicate an entire room to reading but this is not always possible; the apartments are getting smaller and smaller and the spaces are getting smarter and more versatile. So we are looking for a small space where we can store the essentials, have the books at hand, the right lighting and that relaxing atmosphere that allows us to concentrate.


Among the spaces that lend themselves most to welcoming reading areas are the windows or stained glass windows, natural light sources. In addition, the calm view of a garden, for example, infuses harmony and balance between the simplicity of the furnishings and the functionality of the space.


Get the look:  Copla sofa

A simple space can magically become the inviting corner for reading as long as you take care of every detail. The colour combinations, the play between natural and artificial light, the arrangement of books…


Sometimes we can get a small but rich reading area in what would otherwise be a ” dead corner”. So we can exploit those corners of the house that we had left empty because we didn’t know how to fill them or because they were particular and apparently unusable niches.


For example, we can fill these empty spaces with a comfortable sofa and a pouf, flanked by a coffee table and a lamp.


Reading corners are the place to find refuge from hectic life, away from technology and social media. This space is for those who want to relax and immerse themselves in reading without sacrificing the beauty of design. Here randomness is only illusory: everything occupies its precise place and the result is an informal and well-kept corner for a refined intellectual.


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