Decorating with Wallpapers

Decorating with wallpapers: create a hygge and cozy environments full of colour and joy!


Decorating with wallpaper allows you to become a bit of the designer of your home and make the house reflect your style. Wallpaper is able not only to decorate a room, but also to give imagination, colour, luxury and elegance to any space, be it a living room, a bedroom or a bathroom… the possibilities are endless!


There are many types of wallpapers: with floral, geometric, striped, 70’s, baroque and children’s patterns … It allows you to playfully combine the purity of beauty with bold compositions giving the environment a touch of magic.


Wallpaper has the power to create a hygge environment, therefore cosy and intimate; moreover, it meets all tastes: golden wallpaper will be perfect for lovers of luxury and exclusive style, while geometric photomural will appeal to those looking for an abstract style and modern design.



Amaze your children with the children’s wallpapers, perfect for the bedrooms and playrooms. They will make the rooms of boys, girls and boys a special place to play and grow up.



Wallpaper began to spread in our homes in the 1970s when its use was much more than just a trend. Since then it has carved out an important space in our homes as a valid alternative to the simplest painting and the most expensive wall decorations.


The most daring will love to use them at will, but the trend does not disdain it even in small doses, to embellish the interiors of furniture and drawers and instead of paintings.


What about you? Do you, like us, love wallpaper? How would you use it to decorate your home?

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