Decorate with Orange Colour

Decorate with orange colour: how to decorate with orange to make the house more cheerful.


The orange colour is associated with vitality, energy and the sun. Indeed, it is a warm colour, considered intermediate between red and yellow. It is also the colour of delicious fruits such as oranges, papayas and mangos but also the colour of sunset.


In dimly lit rooms, furnishing with orange can be a winning choice. In the world of interior design, this colour is used in various ways; in minimalist style on a few pieces of furniture or objects, or in bolder solutions by colouring entire walls.


Get the look:  Next Stop armchair

The orange for its characteristics is recommended for the decoration of kitchens but especially of living rooms where it is able to express its full potential. It is not recommended to use this color in the bedroom because, being an energetic and lively color, it is not able to relax the eye and promote sleep.


Get the look:  Mousse sofa

The orange and white combination is always perfect; an elegant contrast between a warm and a neutral colour is created by emphasizing the brightness of the space. Ideal solution to be applied to large living rooms.


Get the look:  Obi sofa


Get the look:  Copla sofa

Design lovers who want to express their personality and imagination can opt for more daring combinations! Like, for example, bright green, white and bright orange! However, it is recommended in small corners of the house, so as to tire the eye too much.


Get the look:  Barnaby sofa

Another perfect combination is created between orange and blue in every shade. This way you can create fresh and young environments thanks to the contrast between warm and cold colour. The blue, thanks to its relaxing power, turns off a bit the exuberant vivacity of orange creating an elegant, sober but original visual impact.


Get the look:  Talo armchair


Get the look:  Silencio armchair

Finally, orange lovers who want to immerse themselves in the energy and light that this colour gives off, they can opt for whole orange walls preferably combined with minimalist and white furnishings.


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