Dove Grey Colour at Home

Dove grey colour at home: perfect in the living room, it creates an ultra modern and very chic environment.


The dove colour is an almost indefinite grey shade with a very subjective, almost elusive perception: dove grey, warm grey, light grey, pinkish turtledove and mud. We have always heard it called in different ways, never too many for a neutral shade of a thousand shades, a ‘wild card’ that is a popularity in our homes, especially in the modern style ones.


Perennially trendy represents the middle way between silk grey and mud grey, classified in the neutral category. Although grey is considered a neutral colour and therefore more correctly a non-colour, it is able to furnish better than any other colour thanks to its innate elegance and versatility.


If we decide to paint the walls in this colour, to break the monotony we just have to play with combinations, fabrics, patterns and accessories. Grey in fact is an excellent base on which to dare with bright colors or different materials.


How to combine the dove grey colour:

Dove grey is perfect mainly in combination with white which gives lightness to any environment, from the kitchen to the dining room, the living room and even the bedroom. This combination is perfect in open space environments as it gives brightness and elegance.



For a relaxing and reassuring visual impact, we recommend combining grey with shades of blue to create an elegant contrast between colour and non-colour. This combination is widely used in bedrooms for the innate relaxing effect of blue colour.



With pastel colours, such as apricot or mint green for a softer result with a feminine and delicate touch. These combinations are recommended for the dining room, a place of conviviality and sharing.



If you decide to paint the walls with dove grey, it is important to find exactly the right shade because it is very easy to make mistakes; so you should choose Ral 7047 which corresponds to this colour.

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