Decorating with Green and its Shades

Decorating with green: Emerald green, forest, sage, mint… the perfect shades for our home.


All shades of green, the colour of nature par excellence, express beauty, relax the senses and create an extremely elegant and refined environment. The green colour is perfect both when applied to entire walls, coverings, accessories and using only plants as a decorative element.


Get the look:  Lem sofa

The refinement of the green colour never ceases to amaze; it can be used in any room succeeding in making small stylistic revolutions, giving character to even the smallest rooms with a minimalist and essential style.


Get the look:  Pelleossa stool

From the shades of forest green to the soft shades of mint green, from the bright shades of acid green to mauve green, whatever shade you prefer will be perfect to bring the lush and wild life of the forest into your home.


How to match the green color

– Green and grey. The grey and green combination is one of the most elegant and successful. The green is able to break the monotony and seriousness of grey with class creating a very refined but very modern environment. This combination is perfect in the living area as well as in the kitchen or dining room.


Get the look:  Silla 40 chair

– Green and white. The combination of white and green is usually used in the furnishing of ultra modern environments. White matches perfectly with both light and dark shades of green, lightening the visual impact that would otherwise be too trivial and tiring for the eye.


Get the look: Tonella armchair

– Green and black. The combination of black and green can be adapted to all styles and is often used by interior designers to decorate lofts. The sage and moss green of the upholstery will create an elegant contrast with the black of the wood of the furniture and the metal of the fixtures.


Get the look:  Pixie table

– Green and the colours of nature. For a warm and welcoming home there is nothing better than the combination of the colours of nature: the green of the leaves and the brown of the wood for example. A style that tends to the hygge philosophy to create an intimate and very personal environment.


Get the look:  Porcino table

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