The Farmhouse Style

The Farmhouse style: The new modern trend that evokes the past.


Get the look:  Butterfly chair

Born in the United States, the Farmhouse style is finding more and more fans in Europe too. It is a modern interior decoration, but it evokes the past, always looking for a certain authenticity. It can be defined as a modern rustic style more refined, sober and very accurate in details.


In recent years the American rustic style has begun to take inspiration from European styles such as French Provençal country, shabby chic and Italian rustic style. The combination of all these different but very elegant styles gave birth to the Farmhouse style.


The Farmhouse style is compatible with a precise architecture: a country house, an old farmhouse, an apartment that is not too modern… Indeed, it is not recommended to include this type of style in rooms with concrete glass, in lofts and more generally in hyper modern or luxurious houses.


A few tips to integrate the Farmhouse style into your home:

– We recommend that you preferably use natural materials, especially wood, which is very versatile and adapts to any room and pre-existing style, or stone material widely used in kitchens. As for the upholstery of sofas and armchairs it is better to opt for fabrics with light colours or aged leather that gives a little vintage touch to the environment.



– Avoiding bright or a massive use of dark colours that would weigh down the environment and break the visual harmony would be a great choice. It is better to opt for neutral, natural or pastel colours.



– We recommend to avoid excessive decoration, i.e. no floral patterns for sofas and curtains, no wallpaper. Instead, try to focus on essentiality and modern rustic style simplicity/ authenticity.

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– Quality over quantity is fundamental for this style. We recommend that you invest in a few quality and sturdy furnishings and accessories that will last over time and that may be able to adapt to a future change of style that may occur in your home.



The secret to making the best use of the Farmhouse style is always to create a harmonious interior, but adding personal and original touches.

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