Chic Industrial Style

Chic industrial style: when pure functionality meets style.


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When was the industrial style born?

The transformation of the old American factories that in the early 1950s were remodelled into homes contributed to the concept of industrial style associated with home design and interior decor. At the end of the 80’s the industrial style is absorbed as a concept, mainly used in the renovation of old buildings, also in Europe. Adopted in big cities like London, Berlin, Amsterdam, it is striking for the mix between simplicity and vintage, which immediately gives character to an environment, while maintaining clean lines and a practical and functional design.


The industrial style is an eclectic style, which also lends itself to being contaminated by influences from other furnishing styles, such as Scandinavian or shabby.


Industrial chic style features

Industrial houses tend to have very large or open space and it is very important to select materials and furnishings to complete the style. Metal will always be the undisputed protagonist, like cement for floors.


Clean lines, simplicity, few functional but design furniture, vintage objects… In addition, in recent years more and more ecological and recycled materials are being used, which allow to obtain an effect of great visual impact while ensuring the environmental sustainability of the project.


The colors to use

The use of aged natural wood, combined with dark metals, is very suitable to enhance this style: hazelnut and grey shades, combined with black, can easily fit into a white context, always being careful not to exceed with too strong shades.


To maximize the soul of the industrial style, the walls usually have “ruined” plaster or, in extreme cases, rough walls with a “lived-in” appearance. A valid alternative for walls can be found in the exposed brick effect. This context can be combined with delicate pastel colours to create a contrast of styles.


Versatility is the condition that is decreasing the success of this style in domestic interiors, in the layout of shops and premises: the industrial always works, even in the association with other kinds of furniture!


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