Functional and Stylish Dining Tables

Why having a sturdy, durable table in line with the style of the room is important for the overall harmony of the whole house.


Functionality comes first.

Functionality is a fundamental element in the choice of a dining table that must be comfortable, welcoming, elegant and that must adapt to the style of the house without being invasive and bulky for the eye watching. Usually dining tables with a minimalist design are the perfect solution for the kitchen or dining room as they are practical and functional, space-saving and decorative.



Convertible tables, for example, are an important piece of furniture for those who live or work in small rooms, as they adapt to tight spaces and can be extended when necessary. They can be placed both in the kitchen, dining room and living rooms.


The best extendable tables come both in rectangular and round shapes, they are perfect for small spaces because they have a small encumbrance but can become maxi when needed, so that even those who live in narrow spaces do not have to give up conviviality in the dining room.


Even the eye wants its share.

Choose a table for which traditional craftsmanship meets modernity; the table has always been the undisputed protagonist of the living area and not only and that is why it is best to opt for tables with a modern, elegant and refined style that create a pleasant and stylish visual impact.

03Choose the right shape.

Round tables:

The circle shape has always been one of the most popular in the table manufacturing market. Refined, perfect, soft and at the same time solid. The round tables are feminine but also masculine, depending on the type of material used for the top; they can be adapted to a minimal, black and white, very contemporary furnishing, but they are also the top element of the most rustic spaces, where there is a lot of wood, exposed stones and parquet.


Rectangular tables:

Rectangular in shape, very long and spacious, perfect for busy lunches and dinners. Feminine and delicate in appearance, but also solid and robust in functionality.


Oval tables:

Hyper feminine thanks to its super elegant and chic shape. A perfect table for very large kitchens with a white, wooden or with steel inserts. Superb when combined with coloured walls. It expresses its full potential with the marble top and when placed in the dining room.


Choose the right chairs.

Opt for a very characteristic seat in the use of materials, but at the same time comfortable and versatile for all domestic environments (kitchen or dining room). In addition, it must be adapted to the style of the dining table and therefore a visual balance must be created between the two chair-table elements.


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