Decorating with Burgundy Red

Decorating with Burgundy red: a fascinating, sensual and extremely elegant colour.



Burgundy colour, a velvety and warm shade that mixes very dark reds with warm browns. It lends itself very well to different interpretations and its variegated shades, sometimes closer to purple, sometimes closer to earth tones, is combined with many colors, giving way to create fascinating games inside the home.


How to use it:

The burgundy colour is ideal for tone-on-tone patterns and goes well with bright light and opaque dark surfaces, which let you perceive the iridescent shades; a perfect choice even if used on designer furniture and accessories, or sofas and upholstered armchairs from the most classic lines to the original and extravagant ones.


Get the look with:  Vigilius sofa


It is recommended to use this very elegant colour on sofas, cushions and armchairs with important fabrics that make the living room a refined place especially with velvet and brocade, or with rougher textures such as wool and cotton.


How to combine it:

The burgundy colour is increasingly used in contemporary and modern furnished environments creating interesting contrasts. Many interior designers combine burgundy in pastel colours such as green, blue or pink, but also in soft shades such as grey, giving the atmosphere visually well-calibrated contrasts that give character to the rooms, even the smallest ones, without ever being heavy.



The burgundy color, due to its characteristics, perfectly fits the living room giving a touch of class to the environment. Since it is a “challenging” colour, as it is dark and deep, it is better not to exaggerate. If you decide to paint the walls in burgundy, it is advisable to choose a light and bright colour for the furniture (such as white, beige or wood tones).


Get the look with:  Love Seat bench

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