Hygge Sofas Ideas

Hygge sofas ideas: how to bring comfort, wellbeing and pleasure into your home.


Hygge is a reflection of the Danish soul and is the expression of true happiness resulting from the quality of time spent with yourself or with people who love each other in total serenity.


So our house and in particular the living room, where we generally spend most of our time, should reflect this spirit and this new “philosophy” of life. Cosy, relaxing and super comfortable environments will frame the happiness that everyone is trying to achieve.


Sofas with rounded shapes, materials that recall nature, soft and warm fabrics, relaxing colours… These are the characteristics of a living room or an entire house furnished in hygge style.


One idea could be to focus the furniture mainly on the sofa element. A minimalist style sofa with a chaise longue, on which you can stretch your legs or drink a cup of coffee, offering comfort on long winter evenings or during the days of leisure and rest.


Another idea could be to add one or two Scandinavian design guest armchairs to the furniture.


A lounge chair or an armchair with a high and enveloping back or a pair of coloured armchairs that give a touch of colour to the environment.


Creating an environment of happiness is the central point of Hygge. Add books, photos and anything that expresses your personality and gives you a feeling of happiness.


Other elements for accessorising might include soft floor rugs, feature paintings, mirrors or sculptures reminiscent of the little things in life that bring you joy.


Products in the picture: Fritz Hansen collection.

The Fritz Hansen collection is available on request on Lomuarredi

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