5 Delicious Hygge Recipes

5 quick and easy recipes for a meal full of taste and colour.


From northern Europe the hygge philosophy: a concept that teaches you how to find pleasure from small everyday moments and therefore also cooking alone or in company.


Well-being is always closely related to healthy and genuine food, avoiding as much as possible chemical components, too heavy seasonings and packaged food.


Let’s discover together 5 delicious and light hygge recipes:

Appetizer: Fish and fruit salad.

Seafood salads are ideal for a light lunch or a course that cannot be missed in a fish dinner. But they can also be served as a single course, perhaps together with rice or spelt, or even, in small portions, as an appetizer, especially during holidays. As a touch of class you can decorate the dish with fresh fruit that balances the strong flavor of the fish.


First course: Spaghetti with vegetables

The classic of the classics: zucchini is one of the vegetables that lends itself to become “spaghetti” thanks to its firm and crunchy flesh. There are many recipes that can be made with “zucchini spaghetti”: delicious if combined with peppers, tomato sauce and a little mozzarella, both raw and cooked.


Main course: Grilled salmon with cream and vegetables.

The grilled salmon fillet allows to keep intact the flavors of the fish, enhancing them with a few simple ingredients. You don’t need too many dressings: just grill the salmon without oil and combine it with a sour cream cream and cooked vegetables, for example red or yellow peppers.


Dessert version 1: strawberry, blueberry and cream pie.

The fruit cake is a classic but timeless dessert. A colorful cake, fresh and fragrant, to be prepared with seasonal fruit, such as strawberries and blueberries, which combined together over a layer of custard give a unique and unforgettable taste.


Dessert version 2: homemade strawberry ice cream with whipped cream.

A homemade ice cream in just a few minutes with fresh strawberries: you can make it without an ice cream maker, just using a bowl and a blender! Without eggs without cooking! The result will be a strawberry ice cream with a creamy, velvety texture.

How to make it:

– Freeze the strawberries for 1/2 days
– remove the strawberries from the freezer an hour before cutting them into small pieces and blending them.
– You can add regular milk or rice/almond milk and a little sugar to the blender.
– put the cream that has been created in the freezer for a couple of hours before eating it.


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