Decorating with Black

Some ideas for decorating with this fascinating and mysterious color.


Black expresses charm and elegance, it is a classic that will never go out of fashion, it is a “non-color” able to adapt to any style and decor giving a touch of class to the home environment.


Used in small quantities for example on tables, chairs and armchairs and combined with other colours it is unmatched in terms of elegance and style. If it is used to paint the walls and as the main colour for furniture and floors it will give your home an ultra modern touch.


Dining room

In the dining room it will be better not to exaggerate with this deep colour and concentrate only on the details: the legs of the chairs, the table top or the accessories.


Living room

In the living room, however, you can dare more! In fact, total black is a solution widely used by interior designers who aim to achieve a “high tech” and luxurious effect.



Regarding the bedroom, there are differing opinions on the use of black, especially if it is used in large quantities. In fact, black does not have relaxing qualities like blue and in the long run it could tire the eye, as it would absorb all the light in the room.



Combined with modern or minimalist furnishings, the total black bathroom is definitely a winning solution.


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