Cozy Italian Corners: Portofino

Here’s what to see in this beautiful location in Liguria, between private beaches and magnificent nature.


Portofino is a very famous fishermen’s village on the Ligurian Riviera south-east of Genoa. Pastel-coloured houses, exclusive boutiques and restaurants with seafood specialities overlook the cobbled Piazzetta overlooking the harbour, where luxury yachts are docked.


A path connects the Piazzetta to Castello Brown, a 16th century fortress with an adjoining museum inside which art exhibitions are held and which offers views of the town and the Ligurian Sea.


The entire municipal territory is included in the Portofino Regional Natural Park and the Portofino Marine Protected Natural Area. The best way to appreciate the wonders of the park is to walk safely along its most characteristic and fascinating paths, all properly marked. Crossing the dense network of over 60 km, it is possible to discover the richness and variety of natural environments, panoramas and complex monuments of the promontory.


A name known throughout the world, synonymous with elegance and dolce vita. It is one of the symbolic places of Liguria and tourism in the Mediterranean. Famous in the world and all to see: here is Portofino, a seaside village built around a bay, with tall and colorful houses leaning against the small port and the famous square. Here the sea reflects the colours of the houses, the sky and the vegetation and hosts the yachts, boats and ferries that arrive and depart. All in perfect harmony: this is Portofino.


It is also easy from Portofino to reach all the wonderful places of Tigullio and the Riviera della Liguria di Levante by train, crossing Moneglia, Riva Trigoso, Sestri Levante, Cavi, Lavagna, Chiavari, Zoagli, Rapallo, Santa Margherita.


What to eat in Portofino… These are the typical dishes:
-Pesto crepes.
-Pesto lasagne.
-Ligurian rabbit.
-All the fish and shellfish dishes of the Ligurian Sea.
-Farinata (true excellence chickpea farinata)


This is one of my favourite cozy Italian corners, I hope I’ve made you want to visit Portofino!

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