How to Furnish the Home Entrance

How to furnish the home entrance: make elegant the most neglected but important part of the house.


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Furnishing the entrance to the house is like designing the business card that introduces you to the rest of the rooms. For this reason it is important to take care of this environment in every detail with accessories and functional but designer furniture.


A Coat Rack

The decorative and very useful element that cannot be missing in the entrance of your home is definitely the coat rack. Possibly with a minimalist design, so as not to affect the decorative harmony of the rest of the house. There are many models available that offer many interesting solutions: free standing or fixed to the wall model, made of wood for a warmer and more welcoming effect or in metal to fit into the most modern furnishings.



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A Service Chair

It is always very useful to place a chair or a small armchair at the entrance, in some cases for purely aesthetic reasons but also to place a bag, shopping bags and other objects. We recommend choosing a chair that matches the coat rack perfectly.



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A Designer Console

To make the entrance extremely elegant, why not add a console on which to store notes, shopping list, reminders…? Maybe combined with a modern mirror…


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A Mirror

As we were saying earlier, you can combine a mirror with a console in order to stylishly fill a neglected and considered unimportant corner like the entrance. If you don’t have enough space to insert a console, a nice mirror with an original and modern shape could be an interesting solution.



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