A Hygge Cozy Bathroom

Some interesting ideas to decorate the bathroom in hygge style.


The available possibilities to make your bathroom cozy and hygge are so many. But you have to note that to obtain an effect of comfort and elegance you should respect some principles. Let’s find out together which of these principles you can apply to your bathroom, for a HYGGE result!


Focus on the essential

The bathroom should be a quiet, pleasant and cosy environment, a place where you can relax. So there must be enough space to be able to move around freely. Try not to clutter objects, choose functional but unobtrusive sanitary fittings and make sure that the visual impact is harmonious and pleasant.



Keep the bathroom tidy

The best solution to keep the bathroom tidy is to use minimalist design containers or shelves. It is advisable to choose wood as the material, which perfectly matches the hygge style like any other one.



Details are important

Few things but very detailed! Add some decorative accessories that reflect your personality, but at the same time functional to make the environment even more welcoming. A wooden bench on which to place your bathrobe, a towel or simply a plant for example…



Comfortable furniture

Let’s choose extremely comfortable furniture, such as the bathtub or the shower. Relaxation in the bathroom is everything! You can also add a few design accessories to make the bathroom experience even more enjoyable: a small table on which to place a scented candle, a design element, a vase of flowers…



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