Celebrating Halloween at Home

Celebrating Halloween at home: some ideas for celebrating in the cosiness of your own home.

It won’t be a Halloween like all the others! Many countries in lockdown, many families in quarantine and many people who will limit contact with others as much as possible. That doesn’t mean, however, that we couldn’t have a fun and enjoyable Halloween!

Here are some ideas to make this Halloween hygge and happy!

Let’s start with decorations!

Decorating the house, in general, is always a very fun experience and in this case it can become exciting because it involves the whole family and gives vent to all our imagination. The most usual decorations for a Halloween in hygge style are certainly the pumpkins, large or small, orange or painted white or grey and surrounded by dry leaves and scented candles.

Let’s cook something special!

There is nothing better than a cake or homemade autumn sweets. For example an apple and cinnamon cake, or pumpkin and honey sweets, or a cake with nuts, almonds and chocolate chips… Simple but delicious recipes to make with your children!

Let’s slow down and relax!

These last few months have been very difficult and stressful in many ways… why not take advantage of this holiday to take some time for ourselves and relax, leaving “the world” out?! Read a book, drink a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, take a long hot bath, listen to our favourite music looking out the window…

Let’s play a game together!

The Hygge Game is all about bringing people together by encouraging friends and family to share their stories and discuss the big and small things in life. It contains 110 cards with more than 300 thought-provoking questions designed to spark meaningful conversation and create the right atmosphere for a hygge evening!

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  1. Such beautiful photos!!


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