Autumn is Magic

Autumn is magic: its colors, the athmosphere, seasonal products and special festivities.

Many people consider autumn a sad and humid season, but those born in this season know that autumn is a regenerative period, linked to introspection and enjoying the little things of everyday life: admiring the landscape, drinking a cup of tea wrapped in a warm blanket alone or in the company of a special person, reflecting on the beauty of nature around us.

Famous and admired are the colours that nature creates in this season. The main colours of this season are red, yellow, brown and orange, warm colours often used in chromotherapy for their energising effect.

Many autumn decorations can be placed in your home to create an intimate, cosy and relaxing atmosphere. An interesting example could be to add one or more pumpkins in the kitchen or in the living room with fruit, dried leaves or some flowers around them…

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to decorate the house in autumn style, because expressing this season pure simplicity will be enough imagination and some elements that nature offers us to create an impressive and very welcoming environment.

Regarding the bedroom we recommend not to exaggerate with the autumn decorations as the room must remain as neutral as possible and must reconcile sleep; too many bright colours would adversely affect rest. We suggest instead to opt for small and simple decorations, perhaps on the bedside table or on the windowsill, which enrich the environment with personality.

Especially during the Halloween period, you can’t miss colourful and nice decorations in the garden or at the entrance of the house. So let’s give space to pumpkins, candles, garlands of flowers and fruits.

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