Slow Life

Slow life: learning to manage time in order to enjoy life.

The Slow Life philosophy, a bit like the Hygge one, invites to consciously slow down in order to bring attention to one’s body, to one’s needs, trying to find one’s own personal rhythm and therefore a psychophysical balance.

Listen to our own emotions and moods, feelings and inner world in such a way that we also learn to listen to others and develop empathy. Slow down in order to find some time and space to meditate, to release tensions in the body, to know ourselves and others from another perspective, to rediscover our values.

Living according to the Slow Life philosophy will help us to reorganise our priorities and choices in order to reduce or better manage stress, which can be overwhelming in this very particular period of health emergency.

Nutrition plays a fundamental role for our physical and mental health; for this reason we should dedicate more time to healthy and light meals and rediscover the pleasure of sitting at the table and enjoying homemade food…

Another key concept of the Slow Life philosophy is “simplicity” understood as a return to the essential by eliminating the superfluous both in terms of thoughts and material goods.

Living the present is one of the fundamental principles of slow life but above all it is a cornerstone of the Hygge philosophy. Enjoy the present moment by simply taking the time to live. Living the present also means learning to savour the simple moments of everyday life.

Entering in harmony with nature is very important to regenerate the mind and thoughts; there is nothing better than a walk on the beach or in the middle of the woods admiring the panorama and breathing the scent of the sea, the trees and the flowers.

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