Decorating with Cream Color

Decorating with cream color: how to use this delicate shade to create a cosy atmosphere.

The cream colour is usually chosen by many interior designers for the elegance and refinement it brings to interiors, for its delicacy and discretion and for its ability to adapt to various contexts and styles: from classic to modern, from Scandinavian to contemporary.

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Its versatility allows the cream colour to be used as the main colour on walls or furniture or as a touch of class on a few accessories: carpets, cushions, curtains… It is a colour that may give the impression of going unnoticed, but will actually make the home a very welcoming place.

Cream color is an interesting alternative to classic white, which is warmer and more inviting, and adds depth to the room where it is used. Cream works well with warm, neutral tones such as brown and beige, but also with pastels, white finishes and light brown tones.

Dark cream walls make the room very bright because they reflect the natural light that filters in through the windows and distribute it evenly throughout the room. They also create a nice contrast with darker colours such as mocha, navy blue and green or simply match the light wood of the furniture or the parquet floor.

It can be very satisfying when applied in the kitchen and combined with various wood finishes. The end result is a modern, trendy and never boring combination. The cream-coloured hue, together with all the other elements in the kitchen, will create a timeless but far from boring look.

Also a perfect colour in the bedroom or for furnishing a walk-in wardrobe. You can be very daring with this colour because, being delicate, it will never tire the eye and will always provide a feeling of relaxation and calm.

In the walk-in wardrobe you can easily use it as the main colour on all furniture and accessories, the contrast will be produced by the colours of the clothes or the ceiling.

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