The Antique Pink

The antique pink: a true and refined protagonist of our homes interior.

Antique pink, thanks to a hint of grey that softens and balances the classic mix of red and white, is in fact all the rage in the world of interior design and seems to have no rivals, neither among the more emblazoned shades such as Quartz Pink (named Pantone of the Year 2016) nor among the more flamboyant ones from Baby Pink to Millennial Pink up to its darkest natural shade and trendy in 2021 as Terracotta.

This beautiful colour is refined, warm, romantic and matches perfectly with a wide range of shades: grey, black, white, yellow, green, blue… From modern to vintage style, it is an unmissable reference point in Scandinavian home decor. It can also be used to play down very formal environments, and we find it widespread and used, in the dustiest tones, as the colour of external walls.

To best decorate a room using antique pink it is advisable to choose three colours equally spaced in the chromatic circle it will be easy to respect the rules of tonality: it is essential that the three colours are all soft or all very saturated. Light blue to pastel matches, always with one dominant colour and two as counterpoints: the combination of antique pink, cappuccino and light blue will convince even the least romantic.

When furnishing the living room, it is advisable to focus on the main piece of furniture: the sofa. The combination of a pink sofa with a light marble coffee table and poufs covered in velvet will make the relaxation area really comfortable.

Get the look with:  La Isla sofa

As far as the dining room is concerned, it is better to focus the use of the antique pink colour on accessories and curtains in order to not “suffocate” the environment with an overly warm colour such as antique pink.

Renovating the bedroom also means giving a relaxing direction to the design such as using sheets and pillows in an antique pink variation combined with white or grey walls. You can also opt to paint half the wall in antique pink and half in a bright, neutral colour such as white.

If you are an undisputed lover of this colour, you can even dare to use it as the main colour of the bathroom, creating a strong contrast with green or gold. The result will be a very chic and sophisticated ambience.

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