5 Hygge Coffee Tables for your Living Room

5 hygge coffee tables to decorate your cozy and welcoming living room.

The coffee table, often considered a secondary or even superfluous piece of furniture, cannot be missing in a hygge-style living room. It is a functional decorative element that creates conviviality in an informal way.

When inviting guests to your home it can be used to serve coffee or tea, or to place our favourite books, a plant, candles in the evening while relaxing on the sofa…

The furniture market offers a wide choice of coffee tables to suit all tastes. In a hygge context it is advisable to opt for coffee tables in wood to make the environment warm; or in stone to create a pleasant visual contrast with the warm sofa and armchair covers, carpets and curtains.

Let’s discover together the 5 hygge coffee tables for your living room!

Bino coffee table

Bino is an elegant coffee table with a metal base and wooden top. Its original oval shape makes it functional and versatile…

Vesper coffee table

Vesper is a designer coffee table, very hygge in its shape, inspired by nature; in fact, the designer was inspired by stones smoothed by water when he created Vesper. It is perfect if placed in minimalist, essential and Scandinavian environments.

Acco coffee table

The Acco coffee table is simple yet elegant, sophisticated yet hygge. It is perfect when surrounded by nature, surrounded by plants and wooden furniture and illuminated by light streaming in through the windows….

Tortuga side table

The Tortuga coffee table has a diameter of 41 cm, it is small but irreplaceable, minimalist, elegant and discreet; perfect if placed next to a comfortable and enveloping armchair, it will turn functional and useful…

Pebble coffee table

Pebble, a chic collection composed by three side tables that can be well combined together creating an impressive visual impact!

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