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The home is a constantly evolving project that changes, improves and surprises.

The house, in the sense of an external and internal building made up of various environments, like people, adapts to events, to the families living inside it and changes with the passage of time; one could even say that the house is a living entity.

Why is it such a special environment?

Because it is our refuge, it is an intimate place to retreat to with loved ones at the end of the day, it is the place where the most important and special memories are often created and it is the place that more than any other reflects our personality and mood.

It is no coincidence that the expression ‘Home Sweet Home’ is used all over the world!

The hygge philosophy.

The hygge philosophy emphasises the home as a warm and cosy nest, protecting us from the coldness and worries of the outside world. Hygge furniture is usually comfortable but very simple, cosy but in line with the personality of the person living there, chic but never banal.

Get the look with: Copla armchair

How to furnish a home yourself?

The first two questions you have to ask yourself are: “What do I like?” And “What style best suits the type of house I have and my personality?”
When you have answered these two questions you will already be well on your way. In fact, you need to have clear ideas because furniture, being durable goods, will keep you company all day, every day for several years, so we must like it 100%!

When choosing furniture for your home, always try to combine design with quality, functionality and comfort. Furniture that will make you feel ” spoilt ” at any time of the day.

Get the look with: Core sofa

Contamination of styles.

If you like to be daring, you can play with some styles by combining them together, but don’t overdo it! Play around with accessories, such as carpets, coffee tables, curtains or knick-knacks to create a unique and super personal style!

Get the look with: Magnum chair

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  1. Love the images, is it ok if I repost onto my site Images of a Hygge Lifestyle ?


    1. hyggedesign 22 Apr 2021 — 10:23

      Yes, no problem.


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