What a Modern Home Must Have.

What a modern home must have: here are all the must-have home accessories!

The modern home is characterised by a cosy ambience with a contemporary and practical taste that eases the hectic pace of life. So, in a word, a modern home must first and foremost be functional! But what are the elements that make a home functional without sacrificing style, comfort and design? Let’s find out together!

Opt for minimalism

Among the must-have furnishings for a modern home there is no lack of minimalist and geometric shapes.
These are ideal in a contemporary context and able to resist fashions and changes in trends, especially if chosen in the neutral shades typical of modern style. The appropriate colours are the timeless black&white, total white, dove grey, beige and brown.

Iconic accessories

In a modern home, as in all others, it is essential to use functional and stylish accessories such as lamps, vases and pictures. But as well as choosing which elements to include in a room and which not, it is also a good idea to use ad hoc objects, possibly designer ones, so that they are not subject to the passing of fashion.

Get the look: Urban Floor 1 lamp

Space-saving furniture

Space-saving and modular furniture is one of the symbols of modern furnishing. Not only do they guarantee maximum customisation and perfect optimisation in rooms of any size, they are also extremely useful and contemporary in design.

Get the look: Wally bookcase

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