5 Modern Armchairs to Match the Hygge Style.

5 modern armchairs to match the hygge style: Designed by famous designers, loved by audiences all over the world and one of a kind.

That is not to say that the hygge style cannot be combined with other completely different styles; quite the contrary! The hygge style, which promotes comfort and well-being, is versatile and open to contaminations.

Combined with the modern style, it will create an ultra-comfortable, elegant and visually striking environment, while at the same time retaining the sense of discretion inherent in the hygge style.

Let’s discover together 5 modern armchairs that perfectly match the hygge style.

1) Pavo Real

Sophisticated, chic, elegant, refined… Pavo Real is a design icon, in fact it was designed by Patricia Urquiola famous for her iconic and timeless works. Despite its modern style, Pavo Real is perfect when combined with elements belonging to the hygge style: a soft cushion, a fireplace, a minimalist environment…

2) Rose

Rose, designed by Masanori Umeda, is a comfortable, enveloping armchair in the shape of rose petals. Famous in its red velvet version, Rose is a real touch of class. It combines perfectly with wood, metal and stone in warm or more minimalist environments without losing any of its elegance.

3) Vermelha

Vermelha, designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana, was created by weaving hundreds of metres of rope onto a steel structure. This sophisticated and unique armchair is perfect for cosy, warm and hygge environments as it creates a pleasant contrast between its ultra-modern style and its famous comfort.

4) Lounge Chair

The most famous and imitated chaise longue in the world! Designed by the unforgettable Charles Eames, it is a must-have for design lovers. Ideal if placed in Scandinavian style environments, it is so versatile that depending on the surrounding furnishings and accessories it will adapt and give a touch of personality to the house.

5) Tonella

Tonella armchair is inspired by the Marie Antoinette-style seat and characterized by the particular satin metal base. Its rounded shapes create a sense of warmness and comfort and the wide range of the available upholsteries lets the user plays with colors and textures.

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