Decorating with ‘Slow Living’.

Decorating with ‘Slow Living’: awareness, slow rhythms and hygge furniture.

Slow living’ is a way of life that aims to reclaim one’s natural rhythms. Living a “slow” life means seeking a balance between the increasingly fast-paced modern, technological world and the natural, more peaceful state of things.

Decorating with slow living means following the cultural trend and lifestyle that favours slower rhythms, relaxation and individual well-being. Indeed, the importance of slowing down to counteract the frenzy of modern times is becoming increasingly popular. And the philosophy of slow living aims precisely to help people rediscover their own personal rhythm and encourage them to live more slowly.

Decorating in the slow living style means organising every space and selecting furniture in such a way that it promotes inner calm and makes it possible for inhabitants and guests to live together pleasantly. Each room must be furnished according to the purpose for which it is to be used and the emotion that it is to receive, especially in terms of psychophysical well-being.

Decorating with slow living means customising your interior according to the lifestyle you want. Space must be designed in such a way as to give every corner of the house the right place to suit one’s vocations, tastes and habits. So put your own needs first and decorate with whatever makes you feel good!

Colours play an important role in interpreting the feeling of authenticity, simplicity, relaxation and harmony of a slow living house. The nuances to be preferred are therefore the natural ones or in any case the most varied shades, but in their softest and calmest version. The materials to be used are natural such as wood, metal or stone…

A “slow” home is an authentic portrait of its owners, full of carefully curated content from the past and present, telling the story of their lives in a harmonious and serene way. This search for authenticity of the “slow home” is combined with sustainable consumption choices, such as craftsmanship, ecofriendly products and therefore natural or recycled materials and eco brands.

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