Decorating with Roses

Decorating with roses: ideas for decorating your home with the most popular and beloved flower!

The rose is a fascinating and meaningful flower. Its cultivation is quite simple, which is why it adorns many gardens and balconies. It belongs to the rose family, which is mainly found in Europe and Asia and consists of around 2000 plant species.

The rose flower also has many varieties and the classification takes into account the climatic conditions in which they grow.

The rarest and most sought-after rose is the ‘baccarat’ rose, which is dark red in colour with a few shades of black. Its petals produce a vitalising essence with a fantastic scent that is used in many cosmetic products.

The rose is a flower that combines its extraordinary beauty with important healing properties. This flower is, indeed, the basis of many anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory phytotherapeutic preparations.

In addition, rose compositions are an interesting idea for home decoration; above the dining table, on the front door or in vases placed here and there.

If you love this flower, you can decorate your home with furniture or accessories in the shape of a rose. Have you ever seen the Rose armchair? A truly iconic piece of furniture that is appreciated by design lovers all over the world!

Get the look with: Rose chair

Candles are an indispensable element of a hygge-style home and rose-shaped candles are extremely cozy! Perfect for the bedroom, bathroom and even the living room!

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