Autumn Winter Trends 2021

Autumn winter trends 2021: all the latest news on interior design and home decoration.

With the arrival of autumn, the house is dressed in colours, shades and details that combine to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Autumn and winter are the seasons that best express the hygge style in terms of climate, furnishings, style, decoration, food and so on.

The protagonist of the 2021 autumn-winter furnishing is definitely wood, from the lighter shades of ash to the darker ones of walnut; the combination between the wood of the furniture, the fabrics of the sofa and armchairs and the softness of the wool carpets will be perfect…

The colours to choose are mainly neutrals and autumn colours such as red, orange, brown, sage… combined together they will create a super cosy hygge atmosphere!

If you you want to change the curtains, it is advisable to opt for light, light-coloured fabrics, such as cream or sand, to let the light in through the windows, which is less at this time of year than in summer… heavy cloth curtains and dark colours would make the house dark and cold.

All the products in the photos take part of Ercol collection

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