Decorating Home with Handmade Rugs

Decorating with handmade rugs to make your home an even more welcoming place.

Adding one or more rugs to a room in the house is the added value to a room that would already be complete, but lacking that touch of warmth and cosiness that only a carpet can provide.

Get the look with: Silhouette rug

Rugs are not only beautiful, they are also very useful and functional. For example, if you do not have the possibility of changing the flooring, or if you need to hide some defect, you can remedy this with rugs. How? Simply by covering the parts of the floor that you want to hide with rugs of different shapes and/or colours in order to create real combinations!

Get the look with: Quill rug

When decorating with rugs, it is necessary to keep in mind the style of furniture in your home in order to avoid undesirable results. Generally, for the living room and bedroom it is advisable to opt for large wool rugs (so, made of a warm material)…

Get the look with: Flora Promenade rug

In the living room, a large rug could be placed under an armchair or coffee table… or if it is a refined one in front of the sofa, with nothing on top, so that you can admire its beauty.

Get the look with: Flora Bloom 2 rug

A rug can also fit well in the dining room, perhaps under the table and chairs so as to limit annoying noises when sitting down and getting up from the table. It is advisable to match the colour of the rug to the finish of the table or chairs in order to create visual harmony.

Get the look with: Tres Vegetal rug

In the bedroom, a small rug can be used as a bedside rug to support bare feet, or a larger one can be placed at the base of the bed as a decorative element.

Get the look with: Rangoli rug

All the rugs in the pictures are handmade and belong to Nanimarquina collection

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