The Most Hygge Kitchen Tables

The most hygge kitchen tables: cozy, functional and versatile.

A kitchen table is not just any table, it is almost always a very convenient support surface for those who prepare food, but it is also the “convivial” place around which the family gathers and thus becomes the “seal” of a very intimate environment where it is still possible to talk, discuss…

If you have the enough space, it is always advisable to include a small or medium-sized kitchen table, which is perfect for breakfast, quick lunches or enjoying an aperitif.

Get the look with Gualtiero table

To define the quality of a piece of furniture we often speak of ‘form and function’, meaning the combination of ‘beauty and utility’ that every piece of furniture in the home should possess. We therefore recommend opting for a designer table with simple and essential lines so as not to make the kitchen too “full” but which discreetly creates a welcoming and hygge family environment.

Get the look with: Decapo table

For a predominantly hygge style it is recommended to opt for tables made partly or entirely of wood. If you want to create a pleasant contrast, you can also dare to choose a marble top, as long as the table design is essential.

Get the look with: Illo table

Another idea could be to insert a bistro table like those used in restaurants. In this case you will have a very functional but at the same time very cozy table in your kitchen.

Get the look with: Briscola table

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