Decorating a Cottage

How to decorate a cozy Cottage in hygge style!

When furnishing a cottage, the first thing to do is to decide on the style of furniture. There are many styles that go well with this type of dwelling, but in general the most popular one at the moment is the hygge style.

Born in Denmark, the hygge style is perfect for creating a warm and cosy environment to enjoy during holidays or weekends. You don’t need lots of decorations or to fill your home with furniture…. Just a few well-thought-out elements will do the trick!

First it’s better to try to enhance what is already there, i.e. the internal structure of the house, the natural light coming in through the windows, the floor, the presence of a fireplace, etc… Then you can start adding functional yet comfortable furniture and furnishings.

In any case, to decorate a Cottage in hygge style it is advisable to focus on wood as the main material for furniture and wall coverings; wood, in fact, being a “living” and warm material will maintain the temperature inside the house and will give that cozy touch to the environment.

Another idea to make the Cottage hygge would be to include natural elements or artificially aged special elements, i.e. take some inspiration from the Shabby Chic style!

In addition to the various details that create a cosy atmosphere, a fireplace is a key element. It can fill any room with comfort and warmth and is one of the cornerstones of a hygge home. You can also place pillows and blankets in front of the fireplace where you can spend the colder evenings sipping a cup of cocoa or tea.

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