Shabby Chic Colours

Shabby chic colours: the most suitable palettes for painting old furniture.

The Shabby Chic effect gives every piece of furniture in the house and every object a lived-in, “aged” and time-worn look that reflects nostalgia for a past when life was a little different from what it is now. The shabby chic trend of recent years shows no sign of stopping and many interior designers use this style to highlight old furniture that has been specially repainted.

Which colours are best for repainting an old piece of furniture to create the perfect shabby chic effect? Let’s discover it together!

Shabby chic does not necessarily mean all white. Shabby goes well with all natural colours, such as white, ivory and dove grey, but also with pastel, fresh, desaturated colours with a dusty, muted, ‘old-fashioned’ look.

Shabby chic colour palettes are very subtle and discreet, ranging from cream to pink, green water, light blue and some shades of brown or burgundy. They are very elegant, delicate and chic colours; they fit easily into any room in the house, giving a discreet warmth and a lot of brightness.

Once the furniture has been transformed with colour, it is decorated in the shabby chic style, by giving the worn and aged effect typical of antique furniture. The peeling, flaking paint, the patina of dust, typical of an old piece of furniture, are recreated specifically with the shabby chic technique to give a worn and therefore shabby effect to the furniture.

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