Decorating with Red Colour

Decorating with red: the most intense and passionate existing colour!

Warm and passionate, gritty and modern, but also lush and opulent, the red colour is one of the most popular colours for home decoration. Those who love the colour red can choose it either to decorate the entire house, thus opting for a high-impact monochrome – which, however, may tire the eye in the long run – or for bright strokes of colour to be limited to a few targeted corners of the house (such as a red wall) or, again, to individual pieces of furniture.

Product in the picture: Sancal Rew sofa

Matching combinations

White, black and red furniture is ideal for a modern home to be furnished in a minimal or industrial style, while red and grey is the ideal combination for those who do not like too sharp contrasts. From the kitchen to the bathroom, through the living room and bedroom, red furniture has never been so intriguing.

Product in the picture: Miniforms Iola armchair

Total red

Let’s remember that red is a stimulating and energising colour. It is best used in living area rooms such as the kitchen and the dining room, while it may not be suitable for the bedroom, which needs a more relaxing atmosphere. If you love red, for those environments try to opt instead for colourful accents by choosing cushions, textiles or accessories in the shade you like the most.

Products in the picture: Sancal Pion table and Sancal Body chair

Small spaces

The living room is one of the most lived-in rooms in the home and is usually used for relaxing moments. For this reason, it is not recommended to opt for completely red furniture. For example, choose a red sofa or armchair to counterbalance the white walls. This is a good idea especially if you do not have very large spaces.

Product in the picture: Cassina Utrecht armchair

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